Life is Beautiful is looking for people who are looking for human growth from new stimulation. We have grown as people through the encounters and communications that have occurred in our bar. We have chefs whose unique personalities shine through to our customers, and bartenders who are troubled by their lack of individuality but have begun to learn about themselves by listening to various opinions. They hope to grow even higher. It's not just about skills. They continue to refine their attractive beliefs on how they should live their lives in order to gain the trust of customers. At times, there will be opportunities for uncomfortable stimulation. However, we are looking for people who can observe things from multiple perspectives in order to enjoy the situation. We've been there, and we've overcome it with the follow-up and cooperation of many different people.

We do not require any educational background or previous experience. We are looking for people who want to bring excitement to people in Life is Beautiful. We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who have such a desire.